Toy Machine More Sucking the Life.

Toy Machine is lapidated the road and killing every town. Even the park dogs are impressed.
Let see here. Since the last update they've dropped hammers on XXX Sports, Ambush, Vertical Urge and Evolve.

XXX Sports - Todd, "They set the bar, they were on point!" Jim, "It was rad! They blew every other demo away, everybody is still talking about it!" Toy Machine destroyed it, then blew it up. Check out for a story and pics.

Ambush - The course was a little shakey, but the team was still able to pull some impressive chomping.

Vertical Urge - John, "They were better than Enjoi, more professional and alot more heart."

Evolve - Chris, "Insane! Billy Marks shaved this kids head and gave him a mullet and 2 mowhawks, then wrote Sucking the Life".

If any of you minions were there and have pics or just want to tell us about your demo experience, please send it to attn: I'm sucking the life.

Posted May 29th, 2002 by el ztaffo
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