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What's up Chuck at Foundation Skateboards official website www.FOSKWhat's up Chuck at Foundation Skateboards official website As usually we are not too consistant with our mailings but hey, random is more exciting. Here a update on the site.

Poolrider page:
Hey you pool dogs check out Foundation Pool Service products on the this new page featuring gear and the appreciation of skateboardings roots.

Free Stickers:
Want free stickers? It's easy, it's free. Yuck Fou explains how, when and why. Why not?

World's Biggest Skateboard:
The beginnings of the a website dedicated to Foundation' infamous World's Biggest Skateboard. Specs, photos and news.

What else?

FOSKCO Ramdomizer (patent pending):
Our insomniac hacker crew came up with this randomizing technology. Every time you reload the home page new contact comes up randomly from our php database. Sometimes I just sit hitting the reload button all day its so damn cool, Secret Society Member.

F inspired Art and Tattoos:
Foundation secret society members send in artwork good and bad. We post it all. Also, some members have gone as far to dedicate their skin to Foundation tattoos. If you have artworks or tattoos send gif or jpg images in to

The FLE link exchange:
Join the ever growing Foundation Link Exchange and be part of the underground of skateboarding and the secret society. Submit, submit, submit to the FLE!

Right Here, Right Now:
Hundreds of skate and hanging out photos of our team riders and related crap. We are always adding to this massive database of images of all our team riders ripping it up all over the world. You wanted photos, you got them.

Riders on the Storm - Foundation Team Riders:
Who? Where? Why? When? Get all the details on our team riders includes a bio, photo slideshows and shows all the products currently available endorsed by a specific rider.

Get the Goods - Buy F Gear!
Search and browse through our extensive database driven catalog. All the products shown is current and available now. You can search on pro riders, product names, product categories or just browse randomly. Direct links to online mailorder stores that sell our stuff or search our shop database to find your local haunt. Do not be swayed by the opposition, demand the F with no recourse!

Shoot the Shit:
A chaotic mish mash of communication between F Secret Society Members. Get on our board and talk to pros, fans and wackos. Ask questions about the best team in skateboarding, the best products, which makes Foundation the greatest skateboard company in the world!

Of course, News Immediate Propaganda:
Dude. We post new news all the time. What's happening with team riders, new products special events and even some plain old wacked stuff. Check here often to find out what is wrecking on the home front.

There are several ways to cruise the site. The Keep on Rolling pop up list at the upper right corner through out the site. The Site Map link at the bottom of all pages and the Nothing Here Randomizer on the home page. Theres a lot on the FOSKCO site. Better grab some grub and a six pack and get ready to rock.

Ok that's it. I am wiped out. Time for you know what o'clock. More soon.

Your friend and enemy. Yuck Fou

Posted December 21st, 2001 by Yuuuccckkk Fooouuu
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