Zero In recent Zero developments.

On Sunday December 9th in the year 2001, Hanger 18 laid witness to an autograph signing by Jamie Thomas, John Rattray, Ryan Bobier, Jon Allie and Lindsay Robertson. There were more 300 kids packed in the bowels of the 18th Hanger. Product raffles carried through the night. If you missed it, you missed out.

John Rattray will soon be residing semi-permanently in San Diego following the acquisition of his work Visa. He’s also looking forward to getting a drivers license so he can learn to drive on the correct side of the street.

Adrian Lopez has quit Hurley – No word yet as to which clothing sponsor he will line up as a replacement. His Osama wanted dead or alive board sales are through the roof! All of Adrian’s royalties are being donated to the Sept. 11th fund and Tum Yeto is matching that amount.

Lindsey Robertson, Rattray, Bobier, Jon Allie and a Canadian Ripper have all taken up residence in Vista with Wiggins. Smoking is allowed after 10pm, but only on the balcony.

Jon Allie has been seen creeping the streets of Vista in a slick BMW station wagon…Who knows?

Mumford is currently down under living it up.

Chief, Adrian and a Canadian Ripper toured New Zealand for a couple of weeks in November on Circa’s world tour.

Dying to Live is still being worked on. I know you’ve heard this before, but it will be worth the wait.

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