Tum Yeto Inferior Media.

Skateboarder Jan./Feb. 2002: Justin Strubing gets the contents page. Kris Markovich front boards the roll in rail, pg. 92. Don The Nuge nollie front nose the hubba, pg. 93. Jamie Thomas, Adrian Lopez and John Allie stare down a rail, pg. 105.

Transworld Feb. 2002: John Rattray’s last words, pg. 352. Holy cow! There are 360 pages in TWS now! It’s a novel every month now.

Slap January 2002: Who else, but Jamie Thomas is on the cover. Hollywood review on page 32. The Jamie Thomas experience pages 62-77. Holy cow!

Thrasher January 2002: Jon Allie takes the cover with a kick flip back lip. Jamie Thomas’s gnarlyness again! Full interview on pages 118-123. Austin Stephens full interview on pages 138-147. Double TY whammy!

Big Brother January 2002: Ed Templeton gets the contents page with a nose blunt across and down the box.

Transworld March 2002: Matt Mumford on Tangent, pg. 112. Fast plants with Richie Belton on the Starting Point, pg. 134. Zero hero east coast tour, pg. 277 – 303. You can’t keep a good tour down. Matt Mumford throws down a b/s 50-50 on page 307.

Posted December 20th, 2001 by el ztaffo
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