Toy Machine TY weebsite winner for November.

Check it ouut! Aaron Mallin from Province, BC is all over the artificial random selector thingy for november. He packed up a Robot board, a set of Monster 56mm wheels, a long sleeve plaid shirt, a tee, a long sleeve waffle shirt, a pair of the new black Toy jeans, the new Turtle Boy toy (equiped with a whip a knife and a bottle of beer), some tattoos, a matching Turtle boy wallet, a Moster beanie, a triangle sect cap and some stickers. O'my crap-e-ole! How are we supposed to stay in business by giving away this much free stuff? I don't know but Aaron is probably stoked. Wait a minute! Aaron you gotta send some of that stuff back!

If you want to take all of our prody like Aaron has, you should probably try your luck on the contests page.

Posted December 11th, 2001 by el crapo
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