Foundation Pillage and Plunder Down Under day 8

Image Description Here Today was a special day off day. Driving from the airport to the new hotel destination and Zooing. Zooing is a word now because I just invented it. Carry on. Image Description Here This wasn't any regular zoo. This was the The Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin's zoo. And we were proud to be there. Image Description Here Since we entered the park with a large amount of camera equipment and they didn't want us shooting certain animals in fear we could be eaten alive we were quickly escorted around the park by a special guest. His name was Wayne and he was a very good friend of Steve Irwin's. Image Description Here Don't sit on a fence next to a crocodile. Point taken. But they should really do a before and after picture because I could see some people thinking that was a good spot because they were tired from walking and wanted to be high up enough to see well. Until there little feets get eaten off by this guy. Image Description Here Here Crocy Crocy Crocy... Image Description Here The most outdoors man of the group Sierra had no trouble wrangling himself a lizard off the beaten path. Image Description Here The stadium which held a crocodile show. Whats with all this crocodile talk. We all know why we were at the zoo. I will just get to it. Image Description Here Good thing I changed the name from Joey to Lilly. Image Description Here hahaha. I could be the only one laughing here. Image Description Here Yes! We found the Kangaroos here! That is so American of us. Too lazy to find one in the wild so we pay to play with them in cages. I love it. Image Description Here Sierra found one as well. Image Description Here Don puts bunny ears on a kangaroo...Allright that's fine with me I assume. Image Description Here Notice how this one has one too legs.. Well that's because theres a little baby in there dummy. That's probably Joey in there from the sign! We found Joey. He was in a pouch. A moving living time machine. Image Description Here I drew what the inside looked like probably. Actually its a x ray I got from the medical examination center on site at the zoo. You are welcome. Moving on buddy. Image Description Here On the way out we fed some elephants as well. Just another day feeding elephants and putting bunny ears on kangaroos.
Posted September 24th, 2008
no heavy pertting the animals? ahh man.

elephants are cool.
Posted By: sasquatch propaganda on September 25th, 2008 at 03:00PM PST
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