Foundation Blog Minneapolis day 3

Image Description Here The view outside my hotel room was not looking very friendly. And I don't mean that because there was kids shouting "Top Shop" and lighting fireworks at odd hours of the night until police arrived. I meant it because it was snowing out, bro. Image Description Here I know theres kids in Antarctica or Alaska or some other cold place like the North Pole right now saying "those stupid Californians think that is snow, thats like a nice day here in _____(insert Antarctica, Alaska, or North Pole). But thats fine, I'm spoiled in San Diego I know. I don't even go outside my house if its cloudy out. Image Description Here You can barely even see those cars theres so much snow piled on them. Image Description Here That's our whip right there. Notice how I only shot the photo of like half the car well thats because I was just driving it and the snow came off the windows in the front. But I was trying to make this photo look epic and make you feel bad for us. Image Description Here We sat at the booth again and this time we came equipped with a tv and dvd player. It looked like we were playing the new Lurk Fest video from far away. Image Description Here But we were playing this work out video instead. It was left in the dvd player that the shop gave us so we just rolled with it. Now all these kids are going to have buns of steel. Sorry that was weird. Image Description Here I made everyone limbo for product today. Good idea huh. Image Description Here nice photo...or not. Image Description Here dont know what to say dont know what to say dont know what to say. Image Description Here This is awkward looking. And I apologize. Image Description Here dont know what to say dont know what to say dont know what to say. Image Description Here This dude is seriously being serious about this. bro. Image Description Here When I was walking around I checked out the Osiris booth and noticed they have a couple Foundation shoes on Display. What do you think? Image Description Here David tried to take some peoples money in dice. Image Description Here Then we all went to the boss mans Hotel to meet up for some dinner. Image Description Here They got good blogging materials at there hotel in downtown Minneapolis. We took advantage. Image Description Here Below are the photos I got when I said "quick guys look cool". Image Description Here I give you weird photo number 1. Image Description Here Followed by way weirdest photo number 2. What a clever bunch of fellas. Image Description Here After dinner with the boss man we decided to all head back to the park for the launch ramp contest they were hosting. Image Description Here As you can see I put a ton of effort into both of these last photos. Shot from my digi cam on top of a ramp a million miles away from all the action. Oh well. One more day in Minneapolis...
Posted April 27th, 2008
The one's with green laces looks best.Miniskirt limbo,imagine that
Posted By: Person on April 27th, 2008 at 02:39AM PST
Crazy shit man!
Posted By: Thomas aka Bigfoot on April 27th, 2008 at 08:10PM PST
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