Tum Yeto extra randomness from asr

Welcome back to ASR weekend extravaganza the special randomness edition. Image Description Here Dude, red carpet for everyone! Everyone is special in there own way right? no... Image Description Here Volcom always does it right. I'm just plugging them real hard cause they sent me a box of stuff that im pretty siked on. This years theme for the weekend was like reptilian stoney psychedelic-ness. Yep extactly... sorry Volcom for probably completely butchering your theme. But I just call it like I see it... Image Description Here Notice how none of my photos in the Volcom booth area justify my theme naming of theres. Oh well just take my word for it, I'm really smart. Image Description Here Moving on...heres Abdias and Gareth signing a Foundation board in the Tum Yeto booth... Image Description Here David and Angel by the table of sweets...Can't believe I just used the word sweets. Today I'm a 78 year old grandma ok. Just roll with it...moving on... Image Description Here Corey, Gareth and Abdias posing one for the cameras... Image Description Here Dekline had its own seperate booth but I was able to swing by and make sure to shake the camera as I took this pic. I mean now its just more artsy with all the blur. So actually I rip...moving on Image Description Here I caught up with Dyson and Dave at the Duffs booth. Hard at work... Image Description Here um...moving on, moving on, moving on...
Posted January 28th, 2008

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