Tum Yeto another So Cal blog attempt

Image Description Here Sometimes you just roll deep. We got it like that if we want it. Image Description Here I'm thinking I need Swank to buy me a fish eye for my digi cam. Image Description Here Pig Wheels flow rider Drew Dezort got down with a front board for the warm up. It was like this... Skaaaaaaaadooosh. front board make. In the bag... Image Description Here The next spot was this bump over sidewalk space thing. It got killed don't go there. Tricks were getting invented over it. We were on point that much...maybe. Image Description Here The best part about the spot was the fence that stood right next to the landing. So it would be like this... switch lazerflip late back 180 to primo slide for a sec to slam face first on the fence. Image Description Here Nosemanualing into sunsets went down too... Image Description Here It was a wrap. Another sunny So Cal day. So Cal is a stupid thing to say huh...I mean Southern California Skateboarding Mission of Death...
Posted January 12th, 2008

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