Tum Yeto Monopoly updated board photos!

Image Description Here My weekend... Image Description Here The new and improved board after the weekend. I need one piece on each property as you can see. Image Description Here All my leftover pieces. I'm pretty much up $8.00 at Toys R Us, I have 2 footlocker discount pieces, and I won a Mcflurry, Small Drink and any beef sandwhich. And practically won $500,000 already since i have Park Place. More like hella more since I have 3 Park Places. So its really starting to pay off eating nothing but Big Mac meals. I dont know what this guy was talking about. Actually this guy freakin blew it. If he was smart he wouldve ate Mcdonalds during Monopoly month and came up like a sweet Mill. Maybe more. What a idiot. I'm in it to win it. Let me know if anybody needs a piece from my collection or wants to trade a property or 2. Theres only like a week left so you better start next day airing those winning pieces to me.
Posted October 22nd, 2007

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