Tum Yeto Monopoly help needed

Image Description Here Trying to come up on this Mcdonalds Monopoly game isnt easy. Thats why I'm reaching out to you guys and gals for help. We need some key pieces to get that cash. This is about the 7th different board we got going right now. And its not the strongest but its the one I have to work with. So I am asking you to fill in the blanks. Send in the missing pieces for product and 50% of the winnings. Just in case you were wondering what your chances are take a look at this site. For a bigger version of the board click here. I need the pieces this week or next at the latest. Tum Yeto attn Monopoly 2001 Commercial St San Diego, CA 92113 Needed Properties Boardwalk - duh Pennsylvania Avenue North Carolina Avenue Ventnor Avenue Atlantic Avenue Kentucky Avenue Tennessee Avenue Virginia Avenue Vermont Avenue Short Line Pennsylvania Railroad Reading Railroad Mediterranean Avenue PS... looking in trash cans works best
Posted October 17th, 2007

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