Tum Yeto Media Attack!

Thrasher Feb. 2001: Austin Stephens 6 million dollar kick flip to 5-0 a rail on the contents page. Vinny Vegas can be spotted throwing down the XJ-7 hydro-slicer switch blunt a rail to fakie, pg. 103. I told you these guys they were hot!

Big Brother Feb. 2001: Austin Stephens is seen frontside bluntsliding the Corona skate park while wearing a flower pot for a helmet. If your gonna make us wear head protection, Let those who ride decide! pg. 58. Ethan Fowler is getting mad ill with his fresh threads on pages 102 - 103.

Transworld April 2001: Kris Markovich and brides wedding picture, pg. 84. Brad Staba wants to believe, kickflip over road barrier, pg. 185. Tum Yeto collective attack! Ethan Fowler, Daniel Shimizu, Justin Strubing, Mike Rusyczk, Brian Anderson, Judd Hertzler, Justin Roy, and John West. 36 pages of awesomeness, 197-233.

Posted January 12th, 2001 by El Staffo
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