Foundation South America and Logo Wars

Image Description Here Mr Reyes went to South America with Circa. Sierra stayed home because he was feeling ill after Tampa Am. David has emailed me some info on the trip so far. Most of it is sketchy but heres how he ended his conversation with me. Anybody know what movie its from? p.s she looked at his shoes...nice she looked at his bling...nicee she looked at his dong...very niceeee Image Description Here Look how good we did in the Logo wars this month? We arn't sure how we did it but we'll take it. Seeing how Element has Muska and we have Corey does that mean Duffel has reached pop icon status along with Abdias? Nice!
Posted February 9th, 2007
Foundation out beat Birdhouse and DVS thats awesome. Birdhouse sucks anyway.
Posted By: cORY a on February 13th, 2007 at 03:34PM PST
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