Tum Yeto Active Hot Dogs & Hessians Tour day 2

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Duff man 50-50 in Arizona - photo by Morris

Woke up friday morning in Arizona and had to get out of the hotel and find some food. After a long stop at a bagel shop we hit up Peoria skatepark in the 103 degree sun. Weee! Slurpees and beef jerky followed and we drove off looking for a weapons store when we came across a handrail that looked neat i guess. The rail got 50ed and then we drove straight to Tempe skatepark for a Active Hot Dogs & Hessians stop. That skatepark is amazing. Everyone skated that place for 3 hours until we decided to get some grub and call it a night.
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Owen, Neil from Active, and Gareth lurking... Image Description

Duffel with fan at the Tempe skatepark - photo by Morris

Posted June 28th, 2006 by twigs instead of toothpicks...

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