Pig Wood WAR,uh.i mean TOUR STORIES!!!!!!!!!!

well its like the third day into it so i will recap some shenanigans.

= paragraph break DAY 1- whatevs,sat in the van to phoenix and ate some fucked food and threw up into $20 worth of my bag of goods.slash,eric,and mallory got chinesed eyed the whole way and blair myspace and looked at porn websites on the computer in the middle of the desert.

= paragraph break DAY 2- we got in gear fit to burn,burn we did.BANG.the sun is swallowing my fucking brain,how the hell is it possible to get a sunburn on yer eyeballs.RETINA DAMAGE.we skated some park blah blah blah boring.the red rick took us to some spot and where we met up with ernie torres and some other peeps.DANGER.ernie skated with a knife and primoed a kickflip,fucking raw.WHAM.pulled a trick after burning 4000 calories and 45000 brain cells.erick ripped,adrian ripped,ball ripped,slash ripped his pants and blair rips at skating.GREG IS BURNT.picked up duffman at the airport and to a room for some antics.END.

= paragraph break DAY 3- drive to sedona for a demo the next day.the owner from the shop took us to a bar his friend owns and is directly next to the shop.WARP SPEED.the owner of the bar is a fucking maniac,imagine if mario and luigi were on acid.WHOA BRO.the dude was drinking greygoose straight,out of a pint glass with a straw.LAST CALL.yeah right,by this time mario bro's let blair behind the bar to make me a bloody mary and whatever else was on tap.NO DICE.he didnt take a liking to slash being behind the bar.FREE 99.after many a shots and other free shit the bar offered we stumble back to the room.BLANK.its morning and a shop sighning at sanctuary skate shop then a demo.SMELLS LIKE FREE.mario bros was back in effect,catering us to pizza and pasta.i passed on that scene and decided to puke up the great idea of free booze from the nights past.RALPH.did the demo at a rad park blah blah blah.GREG IS BURNT.bar-b-q at the shop owners house and back to poenix.

= paragraph break DAY 4- GREG IS BURNT.i take the wheel of the van and go 90mph to a gap into bank.FUCK.duffel is a god damn monster,slash ran out of cares to give,and adrian may be quiet off the board but hes a fucking bullhorn on it.SCORCHED.brain dead scrammbled brain stew,heat me at 100 degrees and im fried.SUPRISE.another park and another blah blah blah.oh yeah,duffel has some half bleached and half black hair going,my new nickname for him is CRUELLA DUFF'EL.im writing a song and will post it when its done.END. Image Description Image Description Image Description

Posted May 1st, 2006 by rag doll

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