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All in all a great weekend was spent in Nashville Tennessee. tons of kids turned up for the 6th ave skate park 3 year anniversary and skate contest. all divisions were choc full of competitors and kind of dragged on a little but that's a good thing, right. there were some absolute rippers out there which was great to see, some of the future hopefuls. the best trick was great and for some strange reason I decided to organize benihana contest beforehand which was a bit of a laugh. Corey and i skated for a bit with some of the locals at which point someone stole one of my shoes, but whatever I'm not too bummed, because it was a great weekend spent with friends and fans alike. the kids were awesome and time spent outside the park was always a good time, a little drinking and some shuffleboard is always a nice ender to a good day in Nashville. oh and to arrive home with a sweet black eye from a new found friend doesn't hurt either, maybe just a little.


Gareth Stehr

Posted March 1st, 2006 by Gareth Stehr
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