Foundation Foskco Super Secret Black Market Art Sale.

Dear Skateboard Consumers,

Foundation Skateboards recently hosted "The Retirement Party" art show at BLENDS in San Diego, California. The show celebrated Mike's new pro status and his creative side as well as giving his friends a chance to share the spotlight. The project consisted of 150 painted boards done by Mike Rusczyk and friends in a two-month period. It was a huge success and we are excited to share the experience with everyone that couldnąt be there in person. Mike has built a unique website to showcase the art pieces and to sell them off for a good cause. The boards will be sold for $50.00 each plus shipping and proceeds will go to the Lift Foundation. Thanks to everyone who came to the show and anyone who takes the time to check out or buy one of the limited edition painted boards. Check it out!


Foundation Skateboards Ministry of Propaganda

Posted February 10th, 2006 by el ztaffo

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