Tum Yeto Tum Yeto decks rated #1 for 2005!

Tum Yeto

Pop Top
9 stars
Great buy for any skater! Very close to the average on weight. Great deck design. Within the STDV on flexural test. Did great on slide wear and abrasion resistance test. Also tested well on the fatigue test. Overall well within the average set by the composite decks tested.

Tum Yeto
9 1/2 Stars
Great composite decks that have a unique appearance. These decks are very close in weight to the average set by this testing. They really stand out from the crowd. Decks very similar to the average set for the Flexural testing. Did great on the slide and impact test. Did well on the abrsion resistance test and slide wear test. Decks also did well on the fatigue test and the torsial test.

Company statement: This is sent to you only!! Experimental

Great skateboards:
deck 1 Experimental deck black graphics
deck 2 Experimental deck red graphics
deck 3 fire mold
deck 4 rocker mold
deck 5 tea-spoon mold

Deck 1 and 2 of this lot are among the best tested this year. Low pressure drop numbers on the fatigue test. No major problems found. The lot got a 9 1/2 based upon these two decks.

Deck # 3 a little stiffer on the starting pressure in the fatique test and a little higher pressure drop during the cycle.

Deck 4 had the lowest fatique test starting pressure among the lot, this means it is a little more flexable, but all the lot were toward the high end of the STDV.

Deck 5 had the highest pressure drop of the lot, 154 pounds of force. Meaning it will not last quite as long but still within the STDV.

Pop top statement: Decks tested well on all areas of the testing. Deck #1 in the lot had the highest pressure drop on the fatigue test (181). It exceeded the STDV.

Read more and see how other decks fared at www.boardtesting.com.

Posted January 24th, 2006 by el ztaffo

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