Dekline Good Start & a wet finish

Off to a good start today and then the heavens opened up.  I mean not just showers either.  Click the thumbnail for more pics.

1 Started the day off in Downtown Richmond, Va
2 Olly was all over this manual pad
3 Melcher peep’n out the spot
4 Olly preparing for the drive to DC
5 Rodent’s switch craze
6 Met up with Richmond ripper Josh Swyers for a second
7 Rodent’s broken finger
8 The only thing we can do for Rodent’s finger
9 Just getting into DC
10 The Capital
11 We found a quarter pipe
12 Zarosh
13 Drove by the Gold Rail
14 The Red Rail was the only dry spot in the city
15 Gareth found a new jacket at the spot
16 Gareth warms up
17 The double & triple was dry except for the run up.
18 Rain is not the biggest motivator

DEC12_1_tiny.jpg DEC12_2_tiny.jpg DEC12_3_tiny.jpg DEC12_4_tiny.jpg DEC12_5_tiny.jpg DEC12_6_tiny.jpg DEC12_7_tiny.jpg DEC12_8_tiny.jpg DEC12_9_tiny.jpg DEC12_10_tiny.jpg DEC12_11_tiny.jpg DEC12_12_tiny.jpg DEC12_13_tiny.jpg DEC12_14_tiny.jpg DEC12_15_tiny.jpg DEC12_16_tiny.jpg DEC12_17_tiny.jpg DEC12_18_tiny.jpg
Started the day off in Downtown Richmond, Va
Posted May 12th, 2008 by August
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