Toy Machine Lots going on with Toy Machine!

Ed Templeton has a couple of European art shows coming up in September. The first show is Sept 2nd in Copenhagen, Denmark at a gallery called Nils Staerk. The second is Sept 10th in Helsinki, Finland, at the big museum (and skatespot) Kiasma.

Josh Harmony and Billy Marks will be in the far East of Canada with Fallen for a demo on Sept 2nd.

Johnny Layton has traded in his Rictas for some Spitfire. JLay says "Ride the fire!"

Billy Marks will be in Vancouver for the Slam City Jam contest Aug 26th-28th. He'll probably win the best trick contest!

C&C Ride shop in Corona is hosting a best trick contest either August 20th or 27th. I'm sure Billy and JLay will enter.

Billy Marks is entering the contest in Portland Oregon on August 19th.

Billy is also going to Australia August 21st - Sept 2nd with Fallen. JEEZ!!! Billy is a busy man this year! Stay tuned for details on the trip.

Don't forget that the Toy Machine video won Transworld's 2004 Best Video award!

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