News From June 2002

Toy Machine Winner for the month of May!

Holy Crap-ole. Brien likes to eat ravi-ole, out of his mom's bowlie. What are you talking about Willis! The madman himself, Brien the eastcoast powerhouse, has really done it this time. He was randomly selected to be the recepient of a pharisaical box of Toy Machine corruption. He wins an Ed Templeton blue girl board, 2 100% pre-shrunk cotton tees, a long sleeve thermal, the new belt-laces, a pack of buttons, a new cone spike belt, the 56mm Team Monster wheel, a sect wallet to put into his new black denim pants, a blue devil cat cap and some stickers for his butt. If you want to see the stuff Brien won, you'll have go all the way to Tully, NY. Cause that's where he lives. Email me and I will send you his address and we can send him boxes of turds and chain letters and stuff.

To enter next months drawing you will have to use the dropping down, fully automatic Ally Oop! menu bar. Just click on contests dumbass.

Posted June 28th, 2002 by el ztaffo

Foundation Dude! Where's the tour update?

latest word from the tour in Germany is that it is going very well. Great demos yesterday and day before as well as great photos and filming. Shops, team, photographers, distributors, kids are stocked. I think it will continue. Germany was the first real stop, as before that was the contest in Copenhagen, then only 1 day in Sweden which was very late notice. Germany, Austria and Switzerland are very organized for this now and we will see great results I believe.
Posted June 28th, 2002 by Robert Hourmont

Foundation Dude! Where's My Board? Tour Update.

The report from the road so far is that the guys are enjoying themselves a lot and hitting every european hirsute spot. The glam boys have only really been at the Copenhagen contest and 1 1/2 days in Gothenburg, Sweden, which went very well. Today was their first day in Germany after arriving very late last night, as I guess they didn't want to leave the beautiful Swedish women!!!

Look for photos and an article of the Austrian leg of the tour coming up in YeYo Magazine.

Stay tuned for more. If you were at any of the demos, please send a report of your glam boy experience to

Posted June 26th, 2002 by el ztaffo

Foundation FOSKCO transcends above the rest.

Jon West is skateboarding’s newest dad. She is beautiful! Amelie Jean West. Welcome to the world! Congratulations Jon!

Keep your eyes peeled for the Foundation Vancouver trip article coming up in the next Thrasher. Also, Corey Duffel has an interview in the same issue.

Ethan Fowler, Justin Strubing, Daniel Shimizu, Corey Duffel, and Tony Silva will all be going on a three-week tour called "DUDE WHERE'S MY BOARD" in Europe flying out June 18th. They will be terrorizing all the European contest, attending press meeting, Autograph signing, and doing demos during their visit.

Ethan Fowler has just finished up a TWS interview so keep an eye out because it will blow your minds! He is also working on a TWS video part.

Corey Duffel recently visited San Diego "home of the Foundation" and during his 3 week stay managed to kill every spot he was taken to. He shot a Thrasher interview, Shot a 20 questions for TWS, Finished up a Slap Interview and filmed at least 8 minutes of amazing footage which will be used in foundation Controlled Chaos for 411 video magazine issue 54, and he will be getting a part in the new Thrasher Video. Great Job Corey! When is this kid going pro?

Gareth, also known as Dance Floor Gary is Foundation’s flow rider from New Zealand, he and Corey Duffel were recently seen in a Tijuana strip club getting falaish and avoiding the mexicano Fupa’s. Gareth was rocking with 2 chicks on the dance floor while Corey rolled on stage and was slapping stripper booty. Josh Beagle and Mike Page were dispersing dolla billz. Pure comedy! Mexico style!

Tony Silva's ankle is heeled and he is ready for summer world domination! Keep an eye out for him in Europe on the "Dude Where's my Board tour" in June and on the "Madness and Mayhem tour" in August!

Justin Strubing is back to 110% now and is already in Spain skateboarding some of the finest spots in the world. Then he’s off to connect with the F team for the Dude! Where’s My Board? Tour of Europe.

Mike Rusczyk is back on his board after an 8-month injury and is already skating like nothing ever happens! What! You can't stop a natural! See him on tour in August with the rest of the Foundation team.

Foundation is coming out with premium t-shirts they are a lot thinner and fit a lot better, hurray! Say goodbye to itchy, thick, boxy fitting, cardboard feeling old T-shirts!

Foundation's patented "POP TOP" boards are a big success. Nothing is stiffer, longer lasting, and has more pop than the POP TOP! Test one out yourself and be amazed. A Pop Top pro series is now in the works!

After Europe the Foundation team will be doing a California tour called "29 DAYS OF MADNESS AND MAYHEM". The team will be tour the whole state of California doing demos, shooting photos, and autograph signing. Be on the Look out!

Keep an eye out for all the new products at the Tum Yeto trade show site during the ASR show!

Posted June 25th, 2002 by el ztaffo

Pig Wheels The obscure yet diminutive Pig Wheels.

Neil Heddings, the mastermind behind Roll Model Skateboards has quit the fire and is now on Pig Wheels. Neil brought Pig Pen along, so look for both to be rolling in the Pig.

A new Pig Pro Series is completed and Pig Wheels is Proud to announce that Austin Stephens and Don "The Nuge" Nguyen now have pro wheels out for Pig Wheels along with Ethan Fowler, Kris Markovich, Daniel Shimizu, Ryan Wilburn and Top Am Corey Duffel now has a New Am wheel out now! By them now!

Pig Bearings now come in cool Pig face tins. They are awesome!!!

Pig engineers have been working on an in-destructible Ceramic bearing that will top any other bearing made and should be coming soon!

Madman Neil Hedding's is now a proud rider for Pig Wheels. See his wheel soon!

"Pig Wheels just don't flat spot like the rest, they're the BEST!"

Pig Duffel bags will be a hot item for this summer on all your skateboarding trips. They have a cool new inside laundry bag to keep those stinky dirty clothes away from your fresh clothes.

Pig premium tees will be coming out soon with limited edition graphics on them. These shirts are 100% cotton, a lot thinner and softer too. They ROCK!

The Pig team designed a new light weight jean that is slim fitting and has a stretch denim that is excellent for skateboarding and picking up hot chicks!

Posted June 25th, 2002 by porky

Toy Machine Toy Machine in Europe.

Toy Machine just left to take over the European continent and is already hurting people with their hand railery. As you may have already heard, Caswell Berry placed 2nd at the Scandinavian Open. Look for Ed, Diego, Caswell, Austin and Deanna at the Grand Prix and Dortmund Contests.

You can also look for Nate Broussard to be joining the nefarious team on July 15th in Barcelona for Toy Machine's film/photo trip through Spain and France. The photos are being shot by Burnett and are going in an upcoming Thrasher article. The filming is being held on to for the upcoming Toy Machine video.

Posted June 25th, 2002 by el ztarro

Toy Machine The neglected Toy.

Josh Harmony got the cover of Thrasher! What’s up now sukkafishes! Mean while Caswell Berry places 2nd in the SCO this weekend. Toy Machine's third wind is turning out to be the best wind.

Toy Machine just got back from their Sucking the Life US tour. Word is that they did the best demos. Most shops were screaming, “better than Enjoi”. Other words were “best demo we ever had” and “kids were going nuts”. Check out for the notes from the road.

Posted June 25th, 2002 by el ztaffo

Deathbox Deathbox Team Daily.

Doug "Pineapple" Saladino broke his ankle last weekend at the Hermosa Beach Bash "V" Bowl event while bailing out of a high-speed board slide. The infamous bowl measures 100 feet long, 30 feet wide, 10-foot tyrannies with 1-1/2 foot of vert. The surface of this beast is super sticky and not fun to bail in. Fellow Deathbox teammate David Hackett tore the ACL in his left knee 2 years ago and just now dropped back in to compete in the "Grand Masters" division of the weekend. Both Hackett and Pine say the bowl has "Bad JuJu" so beware! Next event in the beast will be in Huntington on August 2, 2002. We wish Pine a super quick recovery. Highlights of the event were Brad Bowman showing up the day of the event, (with no practice) to tear the place up!!! Hackett skated stylish and strong, but not tricky enough to place in the top 3. But the biggest surprise was seeing the legendary high air master Tony Magnussen decked out in Deathbox gear, ripping hard and going big in the Masters' division.

We are F@#KIN' STOKED to report that our first run of DEATHBOX decks sold out within the first week of hitting the warehouse! The new boards are blowing minds and selling through quite well at better retail outlets and hardcore skateshops. DEATHBOX plans on releasing some new pro decks and some super top-secret limited edition decks in the next 6 months!! So keep you eye out for DEATHBOX.

It is now confirmed and official: The newest Deathbox team riders are Dave "The Rueler" Ruel, and The Mighty Eric Dressen!!! Check out the new Thrasher for photos of Eric D. and The Rueler is currently raging and ripping out at the Skatopia complex where the skate party of the year is going off!!

Tom "Wally" Inouye met with Mt Hood. High Cascade camp director (Angela Jolly) and the skate Director (Steve Everly) to talk things over about Deathbox being involved with the camp this summer. They are very stoked to have Deathbox be apart of the program. The camp on Mt Hood. High Cascade is going into their 14th year for the snowboard end of the camp. Vans purchased the camp last year and has added an all skate camp last year. From last year to this year they are going to double the size of the camp. The skate camp will have 7 sessions that will get under way starting June 10. Angela informed me that the sessions are fully booked at 60 to 80 kids per week. The snowboard side will also have 7 sessions running at the same time and are all booked at 240 kids! About 2000 kids will attend the camp as well as all the pros and countless of visitors to the facility.

The skate facility is going to be awesome with the Van's triple crown ramps making up the street course and they will have a vert ramp, mini spine, as well as two bowl ramps. Deathbox supply them with demo's of all our pro models and a couple of logo boards (2 mini and 2- 8.25 logo) The kids will get to taste something other than a Popsicle!

David Hackett and Tony Magnussen of Osiris shoes will be leaving for a ten-day surf and skate trip in Hawaii where they will hook up with Jay Adams. They will be filming for the upcoming pool riding documentary "Chlorine" and shooting surf footage for the new Osiris surf video as well. Jay will be testing out his new signature shoe by Osiris and his new DEATHBOX deck as well as shralps all the pools, and parks in town and on the North Shore.

The La Costa Open Slalom Race Is On!! - La Costa, CA. July 20-21. The format will be a two-day event, which will consist of two races, a dual format race and a second specialty event, which may or may not be a dual race (e.g. Super G, Tight Slalom, Giant Slalom, Bank Slalom etc.), which compliments the venue. Racers will compete in either Pro Class or Open Class. The courses for Pro and Open may differ to accommodate the different experience levels typically found between the classes. Dual events will be in a standard 32-racer single elimination format with seeding based on the better of two qualifying runs. Single course races will be won based on the best two combined runs of four. Look for Deathbox All Around Skaters to be there racing hard in our own backyard!!!

Deathbox team rider Mike Folmer is doing a Hawaiian show on June 23rd in Hermosa. This show will feature vintage Hawaiian, surfing, and skateboarding. This would be Last year legendary Z-Boy Shogo Kubo was signing boards at his booth with Wes Humpston from Bull Dog Designs. Do we want to do the same? Folmer will have the whole new Deathbox line on the back wall. Tiki style of course.

OG Z-Boy, Style master, and Deathbox team member Wentzle Ruml has been ripping hard on his new "flat nose" WR IV Canyon Pool Model in his hometown of Well Fleet. News reporters are still chasing him down for the "Story behind the story" on the Dog Town and Z-Boys flick - He ain't talking - just having fun!

Word on the street is that Jay Adams is designing a Grind King truck model. Shoes first, now trucks? Jay is like a Ralph Lauren designer for skateboarding.

Posted June 25th, 2002 by Would The Logest Name Possible Start With Capitals

Deathbox The Jay Adams Pool Duel.

The Jay Adams Invitational - UNDERGROUND POOL DUEL

Upon his release this week from a Hawaiian State Correctional facility, O.G. Z-boy and skateboard legend Jay Adams announced his plan to throw the contest of the millennium. An invitational backyard “Pool Duel” where only 25 of the gnarliest of the gnarr will be invited to participate. Jay’s main sponsors, Osiris shoes and Deathbox skateboards have agreed to participate as title sponsors and Jay expects 3 or 4 more, core skateboard manufacturers to “step up” and “throw down” the balance of the $100,000.00 total budget. Jay says, “This will be the first time some real money will be won in a backyard pool!”

“These will be the most important pool contest series since the “Hester Series” back in ’78 says Osiris shoe chief Tony Magnussen, Co-Organizer and Co-Promoter, along with Deathbox brand manager David Hackett, who added “Just witnessing the event will be insane, let alone riding it.” – I hope some other hard-core sponsors take this opportunity to align themselves with this historic event.

The 3 part series will take place in 3 undisclosed backyard swimming pools in late September or early November 2002. Twenty-five invitees will be hand chosen by Jay Adams with 5-10 backups or stand by riders ready to bust hard. Each event will be filmed for release on video. This will be a one of a kind event!

Posted June 25th, 2002 by shralper


BEWARE OF CHEAP IMITATIONS!!!! unauthorized versions and bootlegged editions of signature Jay Adams decks are being sold and advertised!!! Jay does not endorse them, and Jay receives no royalty payments from these cons! So do not support these thieves!!!
Posted June 25th, 2002 by el poolio

Tum Yeto Inferior Media.

Thrasher July 2002: Wow, July! Only one month ahead, better than 3 months ahead like the other mag. Ed Templeton, Caswell Berry, Josh Harmony and Nate Broussard invade Phoenix, pages 104-123. Dave Hackett and Steve Olson are Barney’s by the Bay, page 124-125. Ed Templeton shirt and Toy Machine package giveaway on the giveaway page.

Slap July 2002: Toy Machine ripper Josh Harmony hurls himself on page 100-101.

Skateboarder July 2002: Josh Harmony getting gnarly on page 112.

Thrasher Summer 2002: Josh Harmony got the cover! Wut up now sukka fishes. James Brockman on page 45-46. Charlie Thomas page 62. Billy Marks chillen on page 87. Diego Bucchieri on page 93. Ed Templeton hanging with Koston on page 97. Corey Duffel on page 108-109.

Transworld September 2002: Ed Templeton is on the dream team, pg. 102. Tony Silva checkout on page 386. O’s last words, page 392.

Posted June 25th, 2002 by el ztaffo

Zero What has Zero been up to?

Zero has just revamped the Zero Wheels program so look out for all new product, including many different styles of wheels and a grip of new ads featuring the whole Zero team, coming soon.

Check either your local or not so local shops for the newly released ZERO HARDWARE. Guaranteed to hold your board together better than any bolts made.

Jamie Thomas - Jamie has been busy as always. He and most of the Zero team have been traveling throughout the states and even abroad in Europe filming for Dying To Live. Jamie's recent coverage should speak for itself, with the cover of Thrasher Magazine, July 2002 Issue #258, Jamie is definitely proving once again he's on a mission and will stop at nothing until completion. You can also check for an exclusive online interview or check out the new Transworld Skateboarding Magazine for a C1RCA Japan trip with some surprise photos of The Chief. Jamie's upcoming trips include a 7-day mission/outreach/demo tour to Ireland with Calvary Chapel's "Church's from all over". Check back here for times, dates and all scheduled stops. You can also keep up with all of Jamie's new shoes coming out @ or click on the shoe link on his profile page at Also, keep checking for constant updates and surprises.

Adrian Lopez - Adrian has also been present on the many film trips and allegedly has been laying it down. Adrian is more focused than ever and is definitely working hard on his part for Dying To Live. You can check out his online interview @ as well as some new ads coming soon. Adrian is planning on returning to Europe in the next few months for some unfinished business as well as a few trips across the U.S. Adrian's C1rca shoe is also doing well and getting nothing but positive feedback from everyone that wears them. The shoe is comfortable, affordable and skates like no other. You can peep them at either or click on the shoe link on his profile page at Also, keep checking for constant updates and surprises.

Matt Mumford - Mumford has been shredding pools and terrain of all sorts around the San Diego area. Look out for him displaying his aussie concrete roots on some pools in upcoming magazines. Mumford is recovering from a minor ankle injury as we speak and by the time you read this he'll be back on his board laying it down for the video. You can get a glimpse of him on his new Harley in his newest Globe ad, it features Matt looking all-tough like Mad Max. Also keep checking for constant updates and surprises.

John Rattray - John's first Zero boards have finally hit the street. He has 2 to choose from, Stitches and Good vs. Evil. If your shop doesn't have them yet, tell them to order them right away. John is currently living in Barcelona and skating constantly. U.S. immigration has just granted John a work visa for his skateboard talents, which means he may travel back and forth to the U.S. as he pleases. This will be key with his plans on moving back to the states in September. The Zero team ran into an energized Rattray in Barcelona and could barely keep up with him. Rattray has a mini interview in Transword Skateboarding Mag so be sure to check that out. I'll keep everyone updated on his whereabouts and upcoming trips, demos, and travels. Also keep checking for constant updates and surprises.

Chris Cole - Chris is the newest addition to the team and everyone over here is excited, and for a good reason. Chris brings technical skateboarding to gnarly obstacles like nobody else. This year is already going extremely well for Chris and it's only looking up. He has nothing but amazing coverage in every magazine, including his full interview in the Am issue of Transworld Skateboarding Magazine, his full part in the soon to be released new Transworld Video titled "In Bloom" and filming non-stop for Dying To Live. His missions will continue throughout the summer and by the end of 2002 Chris Cole will be a household name. Chris's name was recently removed from the Darkstar Wheels team and added to the Zero Wheels lineup, which is picking up steam as you read. He has too many trips planned to list, but as soon as we get dates and stops we'll be sure to post them for your viewing pleasure. Also keep checking for constant updates and surprises.

Ryan Smith - Ryan continues to produce footage and photos as he works on an impressive list of respectable sponsors. He now rides for CCS Mail-order, DC Shoes, RDS, Zero Skateboards, and most recently has switched from Ricta to Zero Wheels. You can check out a trick tip from Mr. Smithers on DCSHOECO.COM that will definitely give some insight to his talent on a skateboard. Ryan has some photos in the new Thrasher Magazine Photo Issue, so be sure to check that out. He just recently came back to California after recovering from an elbow injury. Smith is back on track finishing his part for Dying To Live. His Work Visa is also in the works so he should be a permanent Californian resident shortly. We'll keep you posted on his travel plans as we know them. Also keep checking for constant updates and surprises.

Ryan Bobier - Bobier is skating harder than ever. He is constantly working on the video and taking advantage of all the traveling. He recently went on his first trip to Europe and obviously enjoyed the time off from school. He has a few tricks in the new 411 On Video so be sure to check that out, also he's going on an Adio/Zumiez Tour with the Adio team and the dates and stops will be listed below. We're not sure what part of the tour he'll be on, but keep an eye out for him. The Adio video "One Step Beyond" was just released on DVD so be sure to pick up a copy, Ryan has some bonus footage that you need to see. Also keep checking for constant updates and surprises.

Jon Allie - Jon also left the states for the first time on Zero's most recent trip to Europe. Jon is skating constantly and looking forward to the summer travel plans. He also has some tricks in the new On Video, so be sure to get it. We would love for you to sleep on Jon Allie, so his part in Dying To Live will wake you up. Also keep checking for constant updates and surprises.

Lindsey Robertson - Lindsey has recently taken a few east coast trips to film for his part in Dying To Live. He's scheduled to come to California soon and continue filming but is trying to get himself a car first. It seems his first ride "The Buick" seems to overheat on the way to skate spots so he's in the market for either a better Buick or a radiator. Other than that he's been skating a lot in Miami and trying to finish a project for strength with his homie Ian. More news about "coke bottles" soon. Also keep checking for constant updates and surprises.

Posted June 25th, 2002 by el ztaffo

Tum Yeto Results from Copenhagen.

This just in! Caswell Berry is amazing! Can you believe that this mofo just placed 2nd at the Scandinavian Open this weekend. Bastien Salabanzi narrowly defeated him by 5 points. Boy I tell ya what, this kid is killing it. This pre-qualifies Caswell to 7th place for the semi-finals.

The other qualifiying results from the Scandinavian Open. Ed Templeton locked in a solid 4th place. While Diego Bucchieri pulled in at 13th, just barely beating Justin Strubing at 16th. At the same time Ethan Fowler's first pro contest since many years captured 18th. These are the qualifying results. Next contest is the Grand Prix in Laussane.

Look for the Foundation team to be stoping by local shops to do demos and signings on the way there and inbetween contests. Check the events page to find out where.

Posted June 24th, 2002 by el ztaffo

Foundation Foundation Team goes to Europe!

Hi Tod,

Everyone is off to Europe, They all asked me to thank you for sending them all there. They are all super stoked they got to go. They are going to kick butt over there!

The F news will be taken care of today and the catalog is coming together quite nicely.

I'm going to finish up the controlled chaos for 411 today. If you need me I will be in the editing room.

Peace out,


Posted June 18th, 2002 by Swank

Toy Machine Tour Update -from the horses mouth.

This is ed.
I am working on the tour story and it will be up sometime sooner or later.
We are going to Europe for the contests later this week.
Then off to film in Spain for a couple of weeks.

Posted June 14th, 2002 by Ed T

Toy Machine Sucking the Life!!!!

The team finished up the tour yesterday and are now on their way home. It was a good tour, hell it was an excellent tour! They set a new standard of skateboard touring in their wake.

Nick at Sunsports - "Best demo we ever had, most succesfule ever!"

Shak at RQ - "Atleast 1000 kids, every obstacle was covered in kids."

Buddy at Rise - "everyone went nuts and attacked Ed."

Posted June 11th, 2002 by el uncreative


Heres a little info of what Nathans weekend looked like: sat 6/8/02 DEATHBOX AM Nathan Groff Did a Demo with the Vans team at the premier of the Scooby-Doo movie in Hollywood at the parking lot behind the legendary El Capitan theatre, The crowd consisted of Hollywoods A players and their kids, In all there was some 5000 people in attendance with media galore to cover the proceedings. sun 6/9/02 Tony Hawk, Chris Gentry, Jason Ellis, Matt Hoffman and the Vans pee-wee team did a demo for the Elizebeth Glaser Pediatrics Aids Foundation at a private location in the Belair/Beverly Hills area of LA. The demo consisted of a 12' Vert ramp and a street course set-up on the tennis courts of the grounds. This event brings out some big names within the entertainment industry and a few that were spotted included Tom Cruise,Ray Ramono,Sandy Koufax,Patrick Stewart,Luke Perry,Brooke Burke,Lisa Kudrow,Marg Helgenberger,Tom Arnold,Angelica Huston,Sela Ward,Ted Danson,Mary Steenbergen,Jennifer Love Hewitt,David Copperfield,Kathy Ireland. With all these stars present it was realy the skateramp that was the place to be all day long, Tony Hawk signed autographs for well over an hour and it seemed that most in attendance wanted to meet and hangout with all the skaters rather then Tom Cruise or Angelica Huston.
Posted June 10th, 2002 by ARAB

Foundation Amelie Jean West.

Jon West is skateboarding’s newest dad. She is beautiful! Amelie Jean West. Welcome to the world! Congradulations to Jon!
Posted June 4th, 2002 by el stork

Toy Machine Josh Harmony on the cover of Thrasher!

Josh Harmony got the cover of the new Thrasher! Wut up now sukka fishes.
Posted June 3rd, 2002 by el humbolt

Toy Machine Notes from the road.

The Toy team has now killed over 11 demos. This last weekend it was Theory, Red Alert, Krudco and Sunsports.

Dan at Theory, "Amesome! Everyone was really excitd."

Allan at Krudco, "Dope! They killed it, people was pumped."

Stay tuned cause as soon as Ed can figure out his login and password to the Tum Yeto Admin Logon Screen of Death, he will be reporting directly from the road, via his lap top G5.

Posted June 3rd, 2002 by el tour master